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As the Bristol-based videography and social media company expands, more and more clients are getting onboard with LRB Media’s services to increase their online presence and ultimately profitability.

Evolve Care Group are a dementia specialist group with nursing homes around the UK. In the past year, they have decided to put a massive push on training for their hundreds of staff to ensure staff have everything they need in order to do their job at maximum capacity.

Now, as a lot of people now know, video is the key to marketing and training in this day and age. People are much more inclined to watch a video for two minutes than to read paragraphs of text. Evolve Care Group have seen this and recently signed a 12-month contract with LRB Media to pursue video as a means of training. They currently hold 12 training sessions a year in which all of the staff attend 4, however they wanted the team to carry on learning and training outside of the sessions.

Evolve Care Group said:
“Getting LRB Media onboard was one of the best decisions we made for the progression of our staff training; getting the information across in the right way is key and we now see that video is the way to do this.”

LRB Media have an established video portfolio of hundreds of clients and moved forward with ECG to create a number of training videos that positively impact the development of their team. This has had a really strong impact on the team so far and the feedback has been astounding.

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