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The Process

Step 1

The Enquiry

You have decided that you need video to give your business a voice online. We’ll have a little chat over a platform about your idea. (LinkedIn, E-mail).

Step 2


We'll now scurry off into a dark room and prepare a glorious email which will include some relevant previous work, how we envisage the video coming together and of course an all inclusive quote. This will be one sum that includes everything!

Step 3

The Boring Part (contract)

If you have made the wonderful decision to work with us, we will send through a contract through Docusign which will confirm everything we have talked about (don't worry, you won't signing over the reposession of your home). We will also use this time to set a date for the shoot.

Step 4


It's time to scultpture the idea. A pre-production meeting will take place between us. We will then go away and start generating shot lists, mood boards and sometimes storyboards to help us all better visualise the video. You will recieve a "call sheet" the day before and a "briefing document" shortly after out meeting.

Step 5


The time has come, production day! A fun day for all. It will be one of our experienced videographers and an assistant. Everything would have been co-ordinated due to our pre-production documents, so we will all know exactly what we are shooting and when.

Step 6

That's a wrap

Once filming is finished we will say our goodbyes, a sad but necessary moment. Off to our dark little room we go to craft your video.

Step 7


The edit will take upto only 3-weeks to get back to you. Our experienced editors are super skillfull and quick! There will be to opportunities for you to submit changes. We will submit the revisions to you through a service called Here you can view, update the status and leave timecoded comments.

Step 8

The End (but not forever)

There we go, you have your video, and no doubt you'll be over the moon. We will send the final files as well as a complimentary social version. We can then move forward and discuss retainer options for more regular content.


Volumetric Video

It’s rare to find a video team who just get it. LRB Media have delivered on time and with a creative that exceeded my expectations on a number of occasions. We’ve won business off the back of their work!

Edward Jenkins

Volumetric Video

Kremer Signs

LRB Media have become an integral part of our marketing strategy. The video content we receive is out of this world. We can’t thank Luke & the team enough!

Tom Cummuskey

Kremer Signs

Ambitious PR

They produce excellent, dynamic content quickly, efficiently and on budget. They are all you can ask for in a video agency and more.

Joseph Wright

Ambitious PR