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Video, Bristol
It’s official, LRB Media, the full-service media agency based in Bristol, is now in full swing! With a full-time commitment to clients and the business, it couldn’t be a more exciting time.
We have generated a number of clients in the fitness and fashion industry and have a lot more clients enquiring about work to give their business the voice it needs.

Luke Barnett
LRB Media all started from a little YouTube channel I once started. It was where I hosted all my vlogs of travels and day time activities. From there, I decided that I LOVED the branding and message that it carried. When I got to the age of 21 I realised I wanted to do something a bit more with my life; I wanted to start working for my own vision and not someone else’s. You see, I used to work in retail and all I could think about was having that 9-5 job that gave me my weekends and a regular paycheck. After roughly 3 years of doing this in 3 different jobs, I realised that no job was going to give me 100% satisfaction. I needed to do this on my own. So after a long year of terrifying early mornings, late nights and many weekends being occupied by video shoots; I built up a strong enough clientele to get us to the position we are at today.

On the 28th of March 2019, I handed in my notice to my employer. It was by far the most uncomfortable yet exhilarating thing I had ever done. 4 weeks from my that date, the 25th of April, I had my last day and said goodbye to full-time employment. After having a full week for us to focus and build on this business I can safely say I have never had a more productive week in my life. The opportunities that have arisen from just a week on the job are unbelievable.