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The Brief:

The Total Onion team were on a recruitment drive and needed content to entice new talent to apply and work with them.

Total onion are a fun and dynamic web design agency based in the heart of London and wanted something that really showed off their personality as an organisation.

The Challenge:

We had to get a number of people sat in front of camera who didn’t feel comfortable sitting in front of camera.

I know, a challenge.

However, with our keen sense of humour and incredible friendly approach we got everyone to lose up to reveal how much they LOVED working for Total Onion.

Our Approach:

A studio was hired, a sexy backdrop was created and we had a one in and one out system of sitting people in the chairs with a 2-camera interview scenario.

We asked weird questions, serious ones and got people to loosen up.

It was fun!

The Result:

We ended up with a timeless 60 second advertisement that had personality and flair.

It showed how fun the team are and gave a great example of the day to day runnings of the team.

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