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The Brief:

Northern Ireland is somewhere we haven’t really explored at all. When the team from Apostrophe Campaigns approached us to do a documentary celebrating 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement, we couldn’t really say no. We spent an amazing 4 days in Belfast and Northern Ireland talking to some incredible people about their experiences of “The Troubles” and how their lives were or weren’t impacted by them.

Our Approach:

We started the first day in and around Belfast talking to people young and old, exploring the markets and capturing shots of the city. We then moved into the second day interviewing more and travelling out to the other locations in Northern Ireland, some very close to the border like Newry. The last few days were spent in central Belfast and the Northern coast which was so breathtaking.

The Video

The Result:

Some of the stories we heard are ones that I will never forget. The trauma that some of the older generations went through were terrifying. On the other side of the coin, the blissful ignorance that the newer generations face now is an incredible testament to the GFA in action.

This video was distributed to the wider political press and hosted on the European Movements YouTube channel.

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