We’ve partnered with Rock & Scissor to provide you with lightning fast, secure and flexible web hosting to suit any budget. This isn’t your typical slow and insecure hosting you might have been offered in the past, our hosting packages provide unbeatable speed, reliability and expert support at an incredibly affordable price.

Our plans start from £12 inc. VAT per month which is perfect for a single website with average traffic or if you need something more powerful we can offer you dedicated servers that can scale with your business.

Simple Web Hosting

  • Lightning fast shared server
  • Rock-solid security
  • Includes free SSL certificate
£ 6 inc. VAT

Standard Dedicated Server

  • Lightning fast dedicated VPS server
  • Host up to 5 websites
  • Includes free SSL certificate
£ 60 inc. VAT

Deluxe Dedicated Server

  • Lightning fast dedicated VPS server
  • High-traffic or multiple website capabilities
  • Includes free SSL certificate
£ 240 inc. VAT

Terms & Conditions: By signing up to a hosting package provided by Rock & Scissor you agree to abide by their contract terms which can be downloaded here. Hosting accounts/servers may take up to 3 working days to be setup. Billing will start from your date of setup and payment will be collected by direct debit from your nominated bank account within 10 days of this date each month. You may cancel your contract at any time.

Geeky stuff: Our hosting packages run the latest versions of Apache 2.0 (with an nGinx Proxy), PHP 7, MySQL, SSH/SFTP access, and Let's Encrypt SSL certificates with no bloated and insecure control panel system to slow it down.

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